It all started simple enough. We opened our doors in 2008, with a single server used to host websites for some of our web development clients. It's Cloudy, and the Internet, have came a long, long way since that day - but one thing remains the same, our dedication to customer satisfaction!

We are focused on high-quality, high-reliability Web services and professional consulting. Our network and servers are tuned specifically for maximum performance, and our policies ensure that we remain as efficient as possible. Note that we don’t provide Web design, marketing, or other value-added services. We leave these specialties to our sister companies, and concentrate solely on our hosting services.

Since the second half of 2012, while maintaining the focus to budget and quality hosting, we started offering other services(email, voice and eventually game servers) and expanding our infrastructure to include a high performance, high reliable SAN infrastructure and multiple gigabit connections.


We know that finding a cheap, reliable web host is not a simple task, so we've put all the information you need in one place to help you make your decision. At SharedByte, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers, and we want to make sure they have all the details they need before making that big decision.